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Webcutter is a free on-line tool to help restriction map nucleotide sequences. It features a simple, customizable interface; worldwide platform-independent accessibility via the WWW; and seamless interfaces to NCBI's GenBank, a DNA sequence database, and NEB's REBase, a restriction enzyme database. In addition to restriction site mapping, Webcutter 2 also performs degenerate digests, including the option of finding restriction sites that can be introduced into a sequence by silent mutagenesis ("silent cutters"). I hope you find it useful!

From the author of Webcutter
Webminer, an intuitive but powerful tool for searching yeast genomic expression databases. Please give it a try!

Webcutter news

pWEB I have licensed Webcutter to be part of a teacher's kit about manipulating DNA with restriction enzymes that will be published by the Carolina Biological Supply Co. in the summer of 1998. Students will learn to read a DNA sequencing gel, use computer resources like BLAST searching and Webcutter to identify the sequence and predict a restriction map, design an analytical restriction digest, and finally go to the bench to set their digests and run them on an agarose gel. The kit is called pWEB, and I hope it will set a trend of bringing the role of computers and genomics into introductory biology classes.

Profiles Webcutter is profiled in two upcoming articles. One is in the current (but not yet on the Web!) HHMI Bulletin, and focusses on the development of Webcutter and the pWEB collaboration underway with Carolina. The other is coming out soon on the AAAS website NextWave, which features profiles of young scientists and mentions Webcutter as one of my projects.

To use the latest version of Webcutter, a complete rewrite with several new features, please click here. To use the original version of Webcutter, which may run faster especially for European users, please click here.

If you have any question or comments, or would like more information on Webcutter, I would be happy to hear from you! Please click here to email me, Max Heiman. Thanks for trying Webcutter and I hope you find it useful.