WebCutter: A free,
on-line program to help restriction map DNA sequences

Welcome to Webcutter 2.0! This new version of Webcutter is a complete rewrite. Along with cleaner and more maintainable code, I am pleased to introduce the following new features:Plus all of the features Webcutter has always had, from automatic sequence search-and-entry from NCBI's GenBank to its easy customizable interface and clean simple results format. For a mini-manual on how Webcutter 2.0 works, how to get the most from it, and some of its known limitations, please click here.

From the author of Webcutter
Webminer, an intuitive but powerful tool for searching yeast genomic expression databases. Please give it a try!

There are three ways to input your sequence:
  1. You can copy-and-paste it or type it into the box below
  2. You can upload a sequence file from your computer by clicking the "Browse..." button below. If you are not using Netscape, you may not see the browse button and cannot use this feature (sorry).
  3. Or, you can search NCBI's GenBank for your sequence by entering search terms below. Webcutter will submit your search to GenBank and automatically retrieve and enter your sequence for you.
    For more advanced searches, please visit one of these sites

Please enter a title for this sequence:

Paste the DNA sequence into the box below

Please select the type of analysis you would like
Linear sequence analysis
Circular sequence analysis
Find sites which may be introduced by silent mutagenesis

Please indicate how you would like the restriction sites displayed
Map of restriction sites
Table of sites, sorted alphabetically by enzyme name
Table of sites, sorted sequentially by base pair number

Please indicate which enzymes to include in the display
All enzymes
Enzymes not cutting
Enzymes cutting once
Enzymes cutting exactly times
Enzymes cutting at least times, and at most times
highlights for enzymes from the polylinker

Please indicate which enzymes to include in the analysis
All enzymes in the database
Only enzymes with recognition sites equal to or greater than bases long
Only the following enzymes:
Use the command, control, or shift key to select multiple entries

Webcutter 2.0, copyright 1997 Max Heiman. Please send suggestions to maxwell@minerva.cis.yale.edu or visit the author's home page.